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Every year we help clients at property tax assessment time.

Comparative Market Analysis


We'll review your property compared to others nearby.  

We adjust for features and condition and produce a professional report just for you.


Called at the last minute

"I called you at the last minute and said I needed to get my taxes done today... you put a rush on preparing the comps for me and had them in my hands in less than an hour --- along with instructions on how to present the material. You made this so easy and pleasant for me. I was really dreading this... but I'm so glad I called you!

Thank you Dirk .... You are performing a truly valuable service to our community. You were friendly and didn't charge me one red cent! Wow!

You have my permission to show this letter. I want everyone to know how wonderful you are. Thanks a million! :)" 

- R.M., Lake Dallas, TX  

4 Easy Steps


  1. Call Dirk 972-322-2171 or
  2. Tell us about your home
  3. We'll create your report
  4. Show this to your county tax department

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    Average in 2017 was $404, real dollars.
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Download an Example Property Tax Report

This is an example of the report we produce for a property tax review.

For Free.  Just ask.

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Example Tax Review Report 2017 (pdf)