100%   Client

"Dirk was responsive and available 100% of the time. He was   very courteous, respectful and helpful, 100%!. Dirk is very, very, very knowledgeable about the process, the real estate market, the neighborhood, comparisons. He was honest and trustworthy. We love Dirk, and would recommend him at any time, any place to anybody. We just wish there were more Dirks around.

Dirk always let us discuss what we needed to - we were never rushed or   intruded upon. He stayed quiet or went outside when we needed to talk. We couldn't have asked for a better agent." 

- R. D.R.   & P. V., Denton, TX 



He is the   best!

"Dirk is doing a terrific job in listing our house. He is   the best real estate agent we have ever had. We chose him because he was a friend. We recommend him, though, because he is the best!" 

- C.S.,   Aubrey, TX 

Glad I   went with him

"I was actually thinking of selling my house by myself, but   because we had a short window I decided to go with a realtor. Dirk was very   knowledgeable about things that I might not have known about, like disclosures, underwriting, appraisals, what to do about showings. I was really glad I went with him." 

- M.B.,   Lewisville, TX 



Nicest   Realtor we ever met

"Dirk is the nicest Realtor we ever met. We loved his   services.

He was expecially great at going over all the remodeling we wanted to do, from the bottom up. He was wonderful helping us find and buy our home.

I would recommend him to anyone. Great service." 

- A. E.,   Fort Worth, TX 

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Actually listened to me

"I had a saga with previous Realtors. I needed to believe someone would work for me and in my best interests. I wanted someone to actually listen instead of making assumptions about my situation.

Dirk was willing to do more than just find a property for me. He helped me find a handyman, helped with whatever else I needed, and helped me get through the whole process.

Dirk was involved in the entire buying and selling process for me. It was very positive, and I very much appreciated what he did." 

- V.H., Lewisville, TX 


Always there

"Dirk was always there helping us to find our home. He was responsive, available and helpful. Dirk was very knowledgeable about the real estate process and he guided us through buying our home.

Dirk was wonderful and we are glad you helped us." 

- V.S., Lewisville, TX 

Called at the last minute

"I called you at the last minute and said I needed to get my taxes done today... you put a rush on preparing the comps for me and had them in my hands in less than an hour --- along with instructions on how to present the material. You made this so easy and pleasant for me. I was really dreading this... but I'm so glad I called you!

Thank you Dirk .... You are performing a truly valuable service to our community. You were friendly and didn't charge me one red cent! Wow!

You have my permission to show this letter -- I want everyone to know how wonderful you are.

Thanks a million! :)" 

- R.M., Lake Dallas, TX 

Amazing and generous

"What an amazing and generous help you have been. Thank you so much for all your time and effort. We are very grateful." 

- T.L., Highland Village, TX 


"Dirk, thanks for all your help and putting up with me.

Thanks again for all your hard work!" 

- T. & M. F., Justin, TX